You’re about to
get more out of video

Luminery lets you explore the videos you love
by harnessing the knowledge of fans and experts.

A new video experience
Enhanced videofor Viewers
Increased revenuefor Publishers
A new marketplacefor Retailers and Brands
What is Luminery?

Luminery is a new video platform that enhances videos with machine-assisted metadata.

Firstly, experts and fans use Luminery tools to add extra information to important moments within a video.

Then, these moments are used to provide useful experiences, at the very moment you need them!

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Powered by fans & experts
Powered by passionate fans and experts, Luminery knows the important things in the videos you watch.
Available in Micromoments
Each important moment is sharable and connected to information and other video moments.
Dig deeper, or sit back and watch
Discover and explore the moments through serendipitous journeys, or simply sit back and watch your videos as usual.
Connected moments in video
Try it!

This video demonstrates how publishers can meet their audiences' needs using Luminery's contextual commerce.

As well as shoppable products, Luminery can also show instructions, recommendations for other video moments, brand promotion, and more.

Now, publishers can meet user needs at the very moment when they think:"I want to, ..know, ..go,,"

Forget pre-rolls and banner Ads - users can now find relevant products and information, at the right time, without jarring interruptions.

An extra layer of information
for video fans
Luminery is a new way for fans to discover and enjoy your videos, helping you unlock the full potential of your portfolio.
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Reimagined metadata
for SEO, search & discovery
Luminery's semantic structured data brings fans to the right videos at the right moment, and makes these moments simple to share.
Socially activated
Luminery's fresh metadata and social features combine to make video moments more social than ever.