Activate your
Video Moments

Connect your audience
to what they need
at each valuable moment.

Get more value from your video

Meet yourUsers' Needs
Boost SEOand Social

Be there for your Users

At any given time, your users are thinking I want to know or I want to buy or or ..go, or simply I want to watch what I love.

You have a multitude of opportunities to satisfy these user needs, if only your users could find the video moments!

Luminery allows you to be there, with the right content, at the moment when intent is highest. These moments of intent are known as Micromoments.

Once created, your Luminery Micromoments can surface on Search Engines, be shared on Social Media Platforms, and be harnessed in any user journey.

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Connected with Smart Metadata

Built with the smart metadata approach that we have developed through 18 years of video publishing for global brands, broadcasters and content creators.

Fully mobile-friendly

Luminery is made for the mobile-first world. Our contextual commerce and brand lift features are designed for mobile.

Utility, again and again

Our Publisher Toolkit can ensure that your Video Moments are re-usable and work in multiple use cases. We make sure you get the most from your video!

Video Micro-Moments in a cooking video

Try it!

This video demonstrates how you can meet your audiences' needs using Luminery's "Context Bar".

Luminery provides micromoment tools for products, How To guides, FAQs, recommendations for other video moments, brand promotion, and more.

Alongside moments in your video, you can now meet user needs at the very moment when they think:
I want to, ..know, ..go,,

Forget pre-rolls and banner Ads - users can now find relevant products and information, at the right time, without jarring interruptions.

An extra layer of information
for video fans

Luminery is a new way for fans to discover and enjoy your videos, helping you unlock the full potential of your portfolio.

Reimagined metadata
for SEO, search & discovery

Luminery's structured data brings fans to the right videos at the right moment, and makes these moments simple to share.

Socially activated

Luminery's fresh metadata and social features combine to make video moments more social than ever.