About Us

Luminery enables video publishers to open new value opportunities for their video portfolio.

Luminery does this by providing tools to add structured and useful metadata alongside editorial content, at a moment level within a video.

The Luminery approach delivers brand impact, contextual commerce, social activation, SERP optimisation, and improved discovery for video publishers, at a moment level.

The Luminery approach enables video consumers to meet their needs at the very moment when they arise, and to discover these precious moments via search engines and social media platforms as never before.

Our ambition is to make a more useful video experience for viewers, and an enjoyable and profitable marketplace for publishers, retailers, and crowd workers.

The Luminery Team

Luminery has been created by the designers, engineers and scientists at Data Language

Supported by InnovateUK and Digital Catapult

Luminery is part-funded by InnovateUK and Digital Catapult's Machine Intelligence Garage, who are together supporting our innovation to deliver more flexible, mobile and fair working opportunities in the UK, and to support the growing UK data economy, using ethical AI and new paradigms.

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